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Congratulations to Kris Jones - Open Winner and John "Rusty" Wheeler the runner up.









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Townsville Open 2010

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Townsville 8 Ball Open 2010 Result

Congratulations to Brent Read for winning this tournament!!


This year's event was attended by 63 players from all over Queensland.




Congratulations to Travis Martin for winning this tournament!!

Winner: Travis Martin    

R/Up: Darryl James

70 Players in total participated in this tournament. We would like to have all of you back next year.

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  Final 32       Final 16    
  Louis Allen 4 1 Marlo Chan Foon   Brent Read 4 0 Adrian Breeze
  Alex MacDonald 4 1 Lee Bona   Robert Khalu 4 3 Brendan King
  Darryl James 4 1 Shaun Armstrong   Dave Smallwood 4 2 Doug Burns
  John Cloudy 4 1 Nev Murgatroyd   John Wheeler 4 2 Kane Lardeli
  Doug Burns 4 3 Craig Jenkins   Alex MacDonald 4 0 Jake Silvester
  Brent Read 4 3 Paul Phillips   Travis Martin 4 1 Nathan Keogh
  Travis Martin 4 1 Justin Gillies   Justin Thursby 4 3 John Cloudy
  Kane Lardeli 4 0 Dave Eaglen   Darryl James 4 0 Louis Allen
  Robert Khalu 4 2 Ashley Tolcher        
  Dave Smallwood 4 2 Mick Jenkins   Final 8
Justin Thursby 4 1 Danny Higgins        
  John Wheeler 4 1 Mark Stock   player score player
  Adrian Breeze 4 2 Paul Blackford   Brent Read 4 1 Justin Thursby
  Brendan King 4 2 Bruce Mcquillan   Darryl James 4 2 Dave Smallwood
  Nathan Keogh 4 2 Chris Bingley   Travis Martin 4 2 John Wheeler
  Jake Silvester 4 3 Kris Jones   Robert Khalu 4 3 Alex MacDonald
  Semi Final Grand Final
player score player   player score player
  Darryl James 5 4 Robert Khalu   Travis Martin 6 1 Darryl James
  Travis Martin 5 4 Brent Read        

           Best Lady - Colleen Kahn

Townsville Open 2008 not held

2007 Townsville 8 Ball Open Championship


Winner : Michael Scerri (Melbourne) 2nd : Travis Martin (Brisbane)

3rd : Marc Robertson (Melbourne) 4th : Kane Lardelli (Townsville)

winner: Michael Scerri
Runner-up: Travis Martin


Townsville 8 ball open championship was held over the long weekend of Queen’s birthday, where prize money of more than $5000 was offered to the winners. The event attracted a number of players from all over Queensland including Cairns, Mackay, Charters Towers, Brisbane and Ipswich. Also the competition welcomed two inter-state players from Victoria who are both currently Australian Representatives.

The event consisted of; early qualifying rounds in May and 1 last qualifying round on Saturday the 9th of June. The final on Sunday the 10th of June consisted of 18 finalists. Also those participants who did not qualify for the main final were given a second chance at no additional cost to play in a consolation competition for $500 on Sunday.

On Sunday, 18 final qualifiers contested a 2 frame round-robin to select the top 4 players - 9 from early qualifying rounds held locally and from as far south as Melbourne and 9 from Saturday’s qualifying round (every qualifier played each other twice, 34 games each, 306 games in total). The results of the final round robin are attached at the bottom of this report.

The preliminary, semi and grand finals were held in the format of best of 7 match play.

In the preliminary finals, the top qualifier Marc Robertson from Melbourne played against Michael Scerri also from Melbourne, who qualified equal 2nd to Brisbane’s Travis Martin but defeated Travis in a play-off to determine the 2nd qualifier. In this match Scerri got the better of Robertson winning 4-1 and confidently proceeded to the grand final.

Meanwhile 3rd qualified Travis Martin and 4th Kane Lardelli from Townsville competed to see who would be playing in the semi final against Robertson. In this match Martin excelled towards the end and defeated Lardelli 4-2. In the semi final, Martin stayed focused against one of the favorites in the event, Robertson, defeating him 4-2.

Finally the grand final kicked off at 8:45 pm, the climax of the long weekend the majority of contestants and spectators swallowed their breath and watched in awe. Both players were playing exceptionally well and there was no mercy for error, one casual shot would prove the difference and determine the winner in every game. Martin was unable to sustain the composure and discipline he had displayed earlier and Scerri showed off the skills that gained him Australian selection defeating Martin 4-1 and winning the title of 2007 Townsville Open 8 Ball Singles Champion.

Townsville 8 Ball Association Inc.

Townsville 8 Ball Open 2006 held at Oonoonba Hotel

Winner: Doug Burns Runner-Up: Dave Eaglen 3rd: Adrian Breeze

Townsville 8 Ball Open 2005 held at Criterion Hotel

Winner: William Creed Runner-Up: John Cloudy 3rd: Chris Bingley

Townsville 8 Ball Open 2004

Winner: Darryl James Runner-Up: Lance Olsen

Townsville 8 Ball Open 2003

Winner: Darryl James Runner-Up: Mick Jenkins

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